Prize3rd Place in Editorial / Other_ED
City/CountryModena, Italy
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

It was very difficult to make "Red Carpet". Firstly, getting permission to enter in a slaughterhouse and photographing the stages of slaughter is not so frequent. Several attempts have been made, almost all with negative results, for obvious reasons. Secondly, getting into a slaughterhouse and photographing what actually happens is an experience I do not wish to anyone. You get used to anything but being so close, feeling smells, listening to the noises, and realizing that everything is part of a simple and ordinary reality, it ponders. I'm not vegetarian and I eat meat, so this work has no end to disincentive consumption. At the same time, however, modern man consumes a lot more meat than is needed. Before slaughter, animals are stunned with a captive bullet gun with an iron tip of about six inches, but with stunning they’re still alive. Subsequently, the animal is hung for the lower limbs and, through the use of a knife, large blood vessels are cut in the neck area, the carotid artery or the jugular vein. In this way, unconscious, it is bled and in a matter of seconds it dies completely. With "Red Carpet" I wanted to explore the "behind the scenes" of a "steak". The real goal is to reflect on ethically more sustainable meat consumption, approaching as much as possible to the real needs of each individual. I've been trying to avoid too bloody images to respect the animals represented and to make the sequence give a feeling of normality that is the “daily life” of slaughter.

About Photographer

I approach to photography in 2013, at age 36, after dedicating my artistic life to music. Used to communicate through notes and words, I attempt initially by creating music videos using the Stop-Motion technology. In this context I appreciate the communicative power of images. After a few basic courses and some workshops have continued mainly self-taught, inspired by great photographers and especially by Mario Giacomelli. I won the competition Nuovi Talenti della Fotografia held by Fondazione Fotografia Modena and images of the series The Musician were exhibited at the Foro Boario. Two of my photographs have been chosen by National Geographic as Photo of the Day and Daily Dozen.