The Violin and the Player

PhotographerChris Kirby
Prize2nd Place in One-shot:harmony / People
CompanyChris Kirby photographer
City/CountryHindringham, United Kingdom
Photo Date2013
Technical Infodigital
Entry Description

Harmony is an essential element in music. In music also there is a special relationship between a player and his or her instrument. It is often said that when making music they work together in perfect harmony. This image endeavours to illustrate, in a creative and graphic manner, the symbiotic relationship between the instrument and the player - creating a vision of perfect harmony.

About Photographer

Chris Kirby’s photographic practice encompasses documentary and fine art. Much of his work draws from his fascination with the continent of Africa and its people. He was admitted to Kingston College of Art and Design (UK) and later obtained a diploma in journalism from the British College of Journalism. He specialises in the areas of: culture and identity, beliefs and religion, socio-economic issues, marginalised communities and aspects of daily life. He made his first visits to East and Southern Africa in the 1960s. A chance visit to the township of Soweto in South Africa during the troubled years of apartheid made a lasting impression on him, and post free democratic elections made the first of many visits there, living and working in the township. Chris works mostly in the urban environments of Africa and steers clear of the stereotype imagery so often associated with the continent. He relates to urban and modern Africa (and African diaspora) – its fashion, style, music, street culture, attitude. Chris’s photography has been exhibited in the UK, Europe and USA, has featured in numerous print and online publications, and won recognition in international awards. He lives in Norfolk, England and occasionally Cape Town, South Africa.