The Red Shoes

  • Photographer
    Agatha Whitechapel
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Company/Studios
    Device Productions
  • Date of Photograph
    October 2017
  • Technical Info
    3500 single shots Canon 5D MkII

I created this image as part of a fairytale series, depicting Hans Christian Andersen?s story of "The Red Shoes" anew, as a caution to our straining, shopaholic tendencies where we shop till we drop, or rather more, till someone else drops due to consumerist greed. Karen and her cake hat symbolise vanity and obliviousness to the consequences of our actions. Her feet are made of crystals and because she has, for the picture, stopped walking, these have pooled in a ruby red heap of pomegranate seeds, which are mythological symbols of wealth and abundance. The anteater pet is a grotesque of this.

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