• Photographer
    Carol Allen Storey
  • Prize
    2nd Place / Editorial/Photo Essay and Feature Story
  • Company/Studios
    CASTOREY photography
  • Date of Photograph
    June 2016

BAD BLOOD The life of women managing the aftermath of abduction with Boko Haram


The epi-centre of the world’s fastest growing emergency is in Borneo, Nigeria where the Boko Haram militants conducts their reign of terror. Approximately there are 2.5 million displaced persons since the insurgency. Some escapees found refuge in displacement camps, but their horrors don’t end as they face lasting trauma from the emotional and sexual violence and find themselves living in overcrowded displacement camps. Tragically, their own communities often reject them, calling them “Boko Haram wives” especially when returning with their babies of rape, who are labelled ‘BAD BLOOD’.

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