Black Light

  • Photographer
    Remo Camerota
  • Prize
    Moving Images Photographer Of the Year
  • Company/Studios
    Whitewall Studios
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    Canon 5D III and iPhone X
  • Moving Link

The music video that went viral at Apple Campus, the first Animoji band Ever! Animoji's playing instruments and shot using the iPhone X and live action. You?ve got to see it to believe it, so feast your eyes on these critters, Monkey James, Panda McCartney, Piggy Stardust and Robo Camero, blast out this Animoji anthem for the new millennium! Black Light! Bridging the gap between technology and tradition, Remo Camerota, has brought a truly original idea to life through the mixing of animation and live action photography, resulting in this most unique music video.

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