Habitat. Beyond Photography

  • Photographer
    Richard Le Manz
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Date of Photograph
    2017 - 2018

Conceptual work that seeks to call for reflection on the compatibility between the natural wealth of the planet and progress dependent on the consumption of fossil fuels Internal elements of the engines, such as intake and exhaust valves, camshafts, etc; they interact with other everyday objects, creating objectual constructions, a sort of object sculpture, stripping it of its initial utility, decontextualizing it and giving it a new meaning whose conceptualization refers us to the tradition of the "objete troub?" or readymade of Man Ray and Duchamp oa the visual metaphors of Chema Madoz.


The love for nature, our habitat, for our world and the belief in the possibility of a better world, pushes the artist to create the powerful images that configure this project.

Internal elements of the explosion engines attached to other everyday objects are composed and transformed into a visual metaphor, into an enves into an idea.
The author intentionally uses black and white, the contrast of lights and shadows to raise awareness about the darkness that hovers over the planet if destruction is not ceased. Go beyond the moment, beyond the capture, beyond photography.

A reflection that emerges from the artist's soul, which is nourished by his life experience and experimentation.The love for the environment and the artists’ knowledge about the automotive world, generates this visual reflection to move consciousness and promote a clean and respectful attitude. The mobility trend cannot be the justification for the destruction of our habitats.

It is necessary to enter into the knowledge of the world of the explosion engine, to properly interpret the "Habitat" project. The artist works with internal elements of the engines, such as intake and exhaust valves, camshafts, crankshafts, connecting rods, bushings, injectors, pushers, springs, etc; It interacts with these elements together with other everyday objects, composing them and transforming them into a visual metaphor, where nothing is what it seems, in a backward idea. It is a kind of "combinatorial art" of the Chema Madoz elements, but with a clear intentionality in the message, the reflection on sustainability.

Journey to intelligence
Through contemplation and photography of different habitats throughout the world, the artist goes a step further, not only to captivate the senses but also with the intention of exciting the intelligence of the viewer.
Move consciousness
A call for help to all agents involved, which alter distant and nearby habitats, from vehicle manufacturers, author

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