See the Graphics

  • Photographer
    Chun Fu William Pang
  • Prize
    Official Selection
  • University/School
    The Hang Seng Univesity of Hong Kong
  • Date of Photograph
    3 January 2022
  • Technical Info
    Exposure time : 1/500, ISO : 400, Aperture value : 6.3, Sensor type : X-Trans CMOS 4, APS-C

I photographed the facade of a building, using the angle and sunlight to create an artwork with different graphics in a single image (for example, you can see square, triangle, Trapezoidal).And try to present a 3D object in a 2D way. In doing so, I reflect on what is space and to think of the shapes that surround us in everyday life. Beside, it is also about how we think 3D in a 2D image, as a person who take photos.

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