Staining Visibility 9.14

  • Photographer
    Masaaki Toyoyoshi
  • Prize
    Official Selection
  • Date of Photograph
    14 September 2022
  • Technical Info
    Sony A1,14mm lens,Multiple exposure,ISO 800,f/5.6,SS 1/25

I have invisible colors. My optic nerve is damaged due to progression of glaucoma. Due to damage to the optic nerve, it is difficult to discern colors. Colors with little contrast difference are often unrecognizable. Light constantly changes the color of my vision. Car lights, shop windows. Billboard neon sign. street lamp. My vision changes color like a camera with auto white balance gone awry. My vision is blurry as if I were wearing a monocle. It' a real world. I reproduced the scenery of Ginza,my daily life with multipleexplosure photography. Please,See Pursuit of Invisible Vision.

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