Ukraine: For This, They Fight

  • Photographer
    Gabriel Romero
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention

This work is dedicated to the people of Ukraine and their valiant struggle against Russian aggression.


The full-scale war in Ukraine began in the early morning hours of February 24, 2022, when Russian forces began their invasion of the country. The world watched in disbelief as one of the largest militaries in the world attacked. Media organizations and politicians across the globe predicted that Ukraine would fall within days. The Russians were able to reach the outskirts of the capital of Kyiv from Belarus in the north, and attack areas in the east and south of Ukraine from Russian controlled territory. However, what happened next was completely unpredicted. It was soon apparent that the Ukrainian military was resisting the invasion with the aid of western weapons and intelligence. Reports began coming out of the country that the Russian forces were suffering massive losses in men and equipment. By early April of 2022, Ukrainian forces had liberated the Kyiv region and the horrors of the Russian occupation were revealed. Names of the many towns and villages near Kyiv were etched on the consciousness of the world as Russian atrocities were laid bare on a scale not seen since World War II. As a result, investigations of war crimes for the atrocities committed by Russian forces have commenced, including charges being levied against Russian president Vladimir Putin by The International Criminal Court. Over the last year, Ukrainian forces have been able to reclaim many parts of the country lost early in the war, yet their struggle continues. Religion is an important aspect of Ukrainian life, however many of them will tell you that their true religion is freedom. For this, they fight.

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