Beneath the surface of competitive Freediving

  • Photographer
    Kohei Ueno
  • Prize
    Sports Photographer Of the Year
  • Company/Studios
    Kohei Ueno Photography
  • Date of Photograph
    September 2018

Freediving is a sport where you dive as deep as you can, for as long as you can on a single breath of air. It may seem like a crazy extreme sport reserved only for the suicidal adrenaline junkies, but when you look closely beneath the surface, you may find that it is quite the opposite. Freedivers dive in a meditative state, lowering their heart rate and relaxing their body to consume the least amount of oxygen. Calmness, stillness, peace and silence, the words often used to describe this sport, of which I try to portray in these photos. Taken at the 2018 AAS Depth Championships in Bali.

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