Abandonia Thailand

  • Photographer
    Dax Ward
  • Prize
    2nd Place / Book/Documentary
  • Date of Photograph
    Various, 2016-present (series)
  • Technical Info
    Canon EOS 6D/6D Mark II, EF 24-105L, Samyang 8mm f/3.5 fisheye (manual)

Every derelict location in Thailand has its own individual history, but each one is connected in the the sense that they are reminders of what once was, what might’ve been, and what happens when we forget. They are often broken and disheveled, not as they once were, nor will they ever again be. Nonetheless, despite the decay and rust that many see as unsightly blots on the landscape, the allure for urban explorers and photographers lies in identifying and capturing remaining beauty in these forgotten locations. If we look closely, it isn’t hard to find.

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