Growing Up with Albinism in Tanzania

  • Photographer
    Matilde Simas
  • Prize
    2nd Place / Event/Social Cause
  • Company/Studios
    Matilde Simas
  • Date of Photograph
    Feb. 2019
  • Technical Info
    1/400 shutter, f/2, 35mm Canon EOS R

“I constantly live in fear of people who want to hurt me.” Pendo, an 18-year-old Tanzanian girl with albinism, had her right arm chopped off in a violent superstition-driven attack. She was brought to New York for treatment by the Global Medical Relief Fund, a charity that aids children who have been injured in conflict or disaster. Slayings and dismemberment of people with Albinism are common in Tanzania, Malawi, and Mozambique, where their body parts are used in witchcraft to create potions believed to bring riches, success, power or sexual conquest.

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