Nagarkar Wada.

  • Photographer
    Dolly Kabaria
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Company/Studios
    Alternative Photography
  • Date of Photograph

Vertorama of Nagarkar Wada. The Nagarkar or Dagdi Wada was built in 1880 by social reformer Raghunath Nagarkar, better known as Daji. Dagdi Wada is the only wada in Pune that is a classic example of fusion architecture, displaying a melange of Maratha and Venetian styles. While the facade has pointed arches and Gothic revivalist work, the interiors have large courtyards, typical to wadas. Dagdi Wada, as the name suggests, is made entirely of stone as opposed to bricks, which are regularly used in construction.

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