Hecho en Barrio

  • Photographer
    Jean-Felix Fayolle
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Tara Pixley, PhD. This series provides a look inside the everyday experiences of San Luis Potosi that feels both celebratory, contemplative,and vividly rendered. I wish there was a lot more information to connect us to the people in the frames, but as a starting point for engaging audience interest in this community's story, it's very well-done.

  • Company/Studios
    Hans Lucas
  • Date of Photograph

Hecho en Barrio - Made in the Neighborhood The story of young people in poor Mexican areas in the city of San Luis Potosi. Mexico has the highest rate ever of violence and criminality because of drug cartels war. The neighborhoods are in the front line, the youth being the cannon fodder at all levels. For some years, the market of cristal meth has exploded, having for consequences other social and public health issues. Mexican people are mourning their deaths (almost 35000 for 2019) while the government is unable to deal with these very powerful crime organizations.

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