Ezra, Competing With Himself

  • Photographer
    Mirja Maria Thiel
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Date of Photograph
    25th March 2020
  • Technical Info
    1/50 f/3,2 ISO 1600, Fujifilm X-Pro2, Fujinon 35/2.0 (53mm)

Portrait of my 15-years old son Ezra Aljoscha, an aspiring competition swimmer, in our broken "studio" pool a few days after the nationwide lockdown was declared. What does the Covid-19 restrictions imply for teenagers, and especially for young athletes who rely on regular training that is in times of Corona - depending on the type of sport - restricted or just not possible? Today, July 13th, most indoor pools in Germany are still closed leaving competition swimmers depending on off-peak times in public outdoor pools where they go on their own "to not lose the feeling for the water".

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