Uninhabited places

  • Photographer
    Teodelina Detry
  • Prize
    Book Photographer Of the Year
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    1/100 s, f 3.5, ISO 400, Focal length 70mm

This image is on the cover of my first photobook published 2020, “La Anemona es una flor que se abre al menor golpe de viento”, (The Anemone is a flower that opens herself to the slightest touch of wind"). They show my way of seeing life and its fragility. All of these images capture moments of freedom where silences are filled with gestures. And in those gestures I find poetry. I seek to reveal the hidden and melancholic relationship that exists between things. In other words, inhabit with light those uninhabited spaces and evidence their sensitivity.

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