Jumping spider eyes viewed at 20x

  • Photographer
    Javier Rupérez
  • Prize
    Nature Photographer Of the Year
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    FF Cámera + microscope lens 20x Olympus LMPlanFl 20X 0.40 BD, 2" Stacking

This spider does not measure more than 10mm, and it is captured at a magnification of 20x thanks to a microscope lens. The amazing and impressive spiders of the Salticidae family, also known as jumping spiders, owe their name to their majestic ability to hunt by jumping, without the need to weave a web. In order to fulfill such skill, they have an incredible view that allows them to see even behind their back, the circumference of their vision reaches 360 degrees. His eight eyes allow him to have a field of vision of everything around them without having to turn to have control of it.

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