Growing Up

  • Photographer
    Howard Schatz
  • Prize
    Special Photographer Of the Year
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Ken Geiger What a tremendous body (literally) of work. Just a fabulous long-term project.

  • Company/Studios
    Schatz/Ornstein Studio
  • Date of Photograph
    A 30 year study to 2021

I have studied over 200 children from childhood into their 20’s. I began some when they were newborns; I started photographing others about the time they could read and write. For all of them I made annual studio portraits and asked them to write answers to a series of questions, a kind of diary about their lives, their feelings, their hopes, their regrets. I am interested in everything about human development, fascinated by maturation, growth, emotional, educational and physical development. This exploration has been a major 30 year odyssey that has yielded riches beyond my initial imagining

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