Chronicles of Fallen in Love

  • Photographer
    Aitor Del Arco
  • Prize
    Still in Motion / Video Photographer Of the Year
  • University/School
    Universidad de Burgos
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    1/150, ISO 100, 2.2f, APS-C cropped sensor. Lens: 50mm 1.8f & 35mm 2.0f.
  • Moving Link

Chronicles of Fallen in Love talks about the process of falling in love and the feelings that come with it. That amalgam of emotions that to a greater or lesser extent all of us have ever experienced. All photographs are animated in cinemagraph format. 1º Crhonicles of Fallen in Love (The fall) 2º Surrendering to Love (The Hunt) 3º Inner Butterflies (The Feelings Inside) 4º Blindness (I Only See You) 5º To The Unknown (The Last Fall)

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