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“One sees well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry _________________________________________________________________ Go into yourself and ask yourself: Would you (blindly) trust someone immediately? Would you just reach out to them and let them lead you into the unknown? I for myself, can say no and most of you would probably answer that with no as well. That makes the story I'm about to tell you even more special. The story of Ari and her horse Romo, which shows that life can be colorful despite blindness.


The story of the two - as unusual as blindness itself.

Romario - an Oldenburg gelding and a show-jumper.

When Ari met Romo at his stable, the owner was looking for a riding partner who would challenge and support him. Ari, who was actually an ambitious dressage rider, got the riding partnership. The chemistry was right and she got along well with the difficult Romo. A short time later she bought Romo as a supposedly healthy horse.The owner just didn't want him anymore and she had already lost her heart to him. This is where her special journey begins.

Following a gut feeling, she drove to the barn early one morning and found Romo running through the fences, disoriented. With a lot of luck, she was able to catch him slightly injured. Arriving at the clinic, the shocking news. Blind - from one day to the next.And the question that was on everyone's mind - can a blind horse live a happy life? And I tell you - YES it can. A long hard struggle followed and it was not always easy, but Romo fought his way back into life and learned to live with blindness - with Ari by his side. When I met him for the first time (with an non-transparent fly mask on his head) he came right up to me and greeted me. If I had not known that this horse was blind, I would not have thought it possible. And that showed me that there is one thing without which they would never have made it this far and that is trust. It is the base for every partnership, no matter if it is with a human or an animal. This story shows that everyone is worth to be loved. Unfortunately, the characters are simply not enough to tell the whole wonderful story, but if you are still interested, I can recommend Ari's blog to you http://romario-blind.de/.

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