Sin Salida (No Way Out)

  • Photographer
  • Prize
    1st Place / Book/Other, 2nd Place / Book/Documentary
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    William Snyder Incredibly intimate, personal work that takes into a place/situation that none would choose to enter but need to see and understand. Clearly the photographer has a trusting relationship with the officials and the prisoners that shows through in the access and photographs. Powerful work.

  • Date of Photograph
    Book Published October 2021

"Sin Salida" (No Way Out) documents the impacts of the notorious Mara Salvatrucha gang (MS-13) and its rival Barrio 18 gang members on El Salvador. By depicting the gang members, police, prisons, murder sites, funerals, and the government’s war against the gangs, the photographer illustrates the control the gangs have over the wider Salvadoran society, the violence through which they operate and the grief and loss resulting from the violence. This body of work is a result of over three-years of researching, planning and photographing.

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