Inner Reflection of Our Outer Lives

PhotographerJean Bai
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryThousand Oaks, United States
Photo DateSeptember 26, 2009
Entry Description

Camera in hand, I see the world in terms of cycles: in every achievement, we begin with a set of rules and structures - our unique perspective - to which we abide, compartmentalizing and reorganizing the flow of information around us. Impulses spring from silence and ideas spring from inner reflection.

About Photographer

My passion for photography began during a month-long travel through Europe alone when I was 18. I self-financed the journey and even bought my first camera with my earnings, realizing that you appreciate most what you have when you earn it yourself. Wandering through the byzantine streets of Paris, passing through pastoral landscapes by Eurail, and meeting all kinds of personalities unbeknownst to my young (and somewhat sheltered) mind, I fell in love with the world. I couldn’t resist snapping photos and eternalizing moments and emotions, wherever life took me. Thus, began my obsession with photography. A vision in sight, a frame of mind, a click and release- therein lies its beauty. You eternalize the transient moments in our unpredictable lives.