Faces of Syria

  • Photographer
    Radu Diaconu
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Company/Studio
  • Date of Photograph

“And I said to him, if you want to kill me then take a knife and kill me for what happened to me is none of my fault. Her brother stepped in between them and said “In that case, you will have to kill me too father...for you never asked what they did to me in jail”. The father cried, helpless and ashamed in front of the atrocities of war - rape - committed on his children.”This is a small segment from the play that Omar Rifai has put together with his Syrian friends and colleagues in order to support the Syrian cause and donate money to millions of displaced Syrians inside and outside Syria. The group travels across North America to raise awareness on difficult and often contentious subjects that are not discussed openly in Syria : homosexuals, rape, crimes of war, sectarianism, class structures and so on.In Montreal, Quebec, a group of young Syrian-Canadians had the courage to put their lives on hold to support the future of a country in which they found a new hope since the start of the revolution.In collaboration with my colleague Athena Tacet, a journalist and writer, we interviewed "The Activists" and photographed them.

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