Dream Sequence - The Beauty of Sublime

  • Photographer
    Madame Peripetie
  • Prize
    1st Place / Book/Fine Art
  • Company/Studios
    Madame Peripetie Photography
  • Date of Photograph

Dream sequence oscillates around the portraiture of unconventional fictional figures seen at the crossroads between fashion, photography, performance and art. In doing so, the main inspiration has evolved from the consideration of surrealism and film, specifically referencing Alfred Hitchcock's - “Spellbound” dream scenes; the artificiality and hyper-realism of Hiroshi Sugimoto's wax sculptures while considering the philosophical concept of the beautiful and sublime. All the protagonists were shot in-camera with minimal (that is, only essential) retouching involved. As part of this in camera process, body painting, prosthetics, wigs, unusual 3D make-up techniques as well as real flowers were used in order to enhance and distort the bodies of the models.

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