Beautiful Scarecrow #1

PhotographerDave Henshaw
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyHENSHAW Photography
City/CountrySt. Helens, United Kingdom
Photo DateMonday 14th April 2014
Technical InfoShot with Nikon D800
Entry Description

The 'Beautiful Scarecrow' series that I am developing is a collection of 12 images that I am developing. They are based on a creative idea I've had for a long time as to 'what if scarecrows were in fact symbols of beauty?', the various poses they are positioned in, could they be fashionable and stylish, could they be glamorous enough to be on the pages of a magazine? This concept is to prove that looking good and catching someones eye, doesn't necessarily mean that you have to grace the worlds finest catwalks, sometimes all you need is self confidence and a blue sky above!

About Photographer

I am a freelance professional photographer located in St. Helens, Merseyside, UK. My passion in photography is portraits and I enjoy bringing out my creative vision and imagination with each one. I enjoy working with fellow creatives who share my ideas to help me bring my ideas to life. I received an Honourable Mention with the IPA in 2014 and hope that I can continue with that success in 2016.