PhotographerKatarzyna Nizinkiewicz
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySzczecin, Poland
Photo Date2014 02 10
Technical Infocolour photograph turn to blac
Entry Description

I took this series of photographs traveling through Poland as a passenger of the car. Many old roads here runs between old trees, which in the present time are often cut down because are supposed to be dangerous for drivers. I like trees and I hope they will not disappear from our landscape. I wanted to catch the spirit of not sure future of the poplars using the speed of the car and the time of exposure to draw a portraits of trees.

About Photographer

I am graduate in physics, but work as a (awarded) fashion and sportswear designer. I try to be as much as possible in the mountains. I spend 3 months each year hiking in the wilderness alone or with one friend, with all in my backpack. I try to avoid civilization and people. Hiking is like meditation- makes my life richer. I am author of the book Wedrowki Pirenejskie (short stories with photographs) and since many years I write popular blog about mountains Kocham Góry- blog.kwark.pl I do not earn any money on photography (so I am not professional photographer) and I hope to never be so. I do what I love as I guess most of amateurs.