Compact City

  • Photographer
    Andy Yeung
  • Prize
    1st Place / Home/Place
  • Company/Studios
    Andy Yeung | Photography
  • Date of Photograph
    September 2014

Hong Kong is the world's most densely populated place and it is my home. The rent is eye-wateringly high, and the space frustratingly small. It has on average 130,000 people squeezed inside. One square kilo meter equivalent to putting about 900 people inside the football pitch. Residents complain of air, noise and light pollution and the overstretched transport network. Although the overcrowding and noise pollution issues, I like Hong Kong. Hong Kong is very efficient. And it is more energy-efficient compared to other cities because we are so compact. So many people are living very closely together sharing public facilities. You can find many shops here that you can't find anywhere else. When you look up at all the skyscrapers and high rise buildings, you might think that most people have a view of the neighbour’s wall or possibly their sitting room but actually a lot of people have views. Whether it’s the million dollar view of the harbour, or a cityscape of twinkling lights at night, the views from buildings in Hong Kong are often amazing.

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