Alatriste (Torre de Nuñez)

PhotographerRoberto Treviño Amoedo
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyRoberto Treviño Visual Consultant
City/CountryLa Coruña, Spain
Photo Date30/08/2014
Entry Description

To achieve the requested goals we decided to focus on the creation of an image clearly pictorial, based on XVII century Spanish art and literature. In particular, the work of Velazquez was our main reference. We therefore decided to create a character from that time and age with a formal treatment that would reinforce the values of Tradition and Quality demanded by the client. At the same time, we used a contemporary element, a microwave under the character’s feet, to add a touch of irony in relation to the conflict between good food and junk food and a clear message of the superiority of traditional produce.