PhotographerKevin Boyle
Prize1st Place in Special / Night Photography
City/CountryWhite Rock, Canada
Photo Date2014
Entry Description

We think we're more connected, but we've never been further apart. I remember a time not long ago when social media didn’t exist. Everyone had landlines and left messages on people's answering machines if they weren't home. As a child, if I wanted to play with a friend I didn't plug into a game, I walked down the street and knocked on their door. I have vivid memories of growing up in the Canadian Prairies, playing ball hockey, riding my bike for hours, and sitting by the river with my friends – things I think a kid should remember. We have been betrayed by our conveniences, and we have forgotten where we came from. We are connected by likes, faves, and plusses... fleeting and artificial things. I want to see your face. I want to hear your words. I want to shake your hand. I want to show you with light that there is beauty in the darkness. This is DaySleeper.

About Photographer

Kevin Boyle is a photographer based in Vancouver, Canada, and represented by the Kimoto Gallery, Christine Klassen Gallery, Rouge Gallery, and Gurevich Fine Art.