PhotographerJuan Ignacio Cañete
Prize2nd Place in Special / Panoramic
City/CountryLomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Photo Date20/02/2015
Entry Description

Founded in 1927, the village of "Villa Epecuén" was the most modern hydrothermal complex of Argentina and the most popular resort of that time. In the eighties, the level of the salt lake raised suddenly over 10 meters and flooded the entire village for over 20 years. Today, the water is gradually receding. The ruins have resurfaced to bring an apocalyptic landscape where petrified trees sadly dominate what once was a picturesque scenery. As we walk along the streets, feelings of rootlessness and painful memories of others engulf us. In 2014, Epecuén was recognized as historical, architectural and cultural heritage.

About Photographer

Juan Ignacio Canete is a fine art photographer specialized in landscape, architectural and street photography. He works for magazines and among his customers there are multinational companies and private collectors. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His early fascination with other cultures led him to travel all around the world and enabled him to live in many cities in Asia, Africa and Europe. Today he lives in Buenos Aires where he keeps developing his personal and commercial photographic projects. Contact: Juan Ignacio Canete: info@juancanete.com.ar www.juancanete.com.ar