While You Were Sleeping - Series

PhotographerLon Casler Bixby
Prize3rd Place in Special / Micro
City/CountryBurbank, United States
Photo Date2013 - 2015
Technical InfoCanon Digital
Entry Description

Title: While You Were Sleeping - Series Photo: Lon Casler Bixby Web: www.neoichi.com/whileyouweresleeping/ Date: 2013 - 2015 Location: My Studio, Burbank, CA Medium: Canon Digital

About Photographer

Lon is a published author in various genres: Fiction, Poetry, Humor, Photography, and Comic Books. He is also a professional award-winning photographer whose work has been featured in a wide variety of magazines, art & coffee table books, and has also been displayed in Art Galleries throughout the world. Lon lives out of his photography studio in Burbank, California where he shares his living space with his wonderful, albeit spoiled, Silver Lab named Silver.