Lightly against me

PhotographerRosita Delfino
Prize1st Place in Special
City/CountryCassano Magnago , Italy
Photo DateAugust 2014
Technical InfoDigital Photo
Entry Description

An inner self-analysis through time, detecting memories, anguish in the yearn for self-reconciliation.

About Photographer

My name is Rosita Delfino, I was born Italy on 23rd June 1965. My first approach to the photo dates back to 2009 and since then I've been emotionally involved by the great power of images in communicating and amazingly evoking words,alongside with the innermost expressions of the soul. Only images can transform ojective reality into a new creation giving voice to the individual secret world. An endless dialogue between appearing and being, a charming journey into women's visions, where the body goes beyond space and time to plunge into a dreamlike dimension. I share Francesca Woodman's quote." You can get excitement by watching an image, but you'll never be able to guess what lies behind. Awards Silver medal Fiaf at the International photo contest 2013 "Woman is..............." Premio Art Caffè Letterario, Winner for technical qualities -fourth step- Visual Arts 10-15 April 2015 Caffè Letterario Roma Winner of category Digitally Enhanced- special price as a new voice at International Phtography Awards 2015 2015 Mention of Honour at Mifa - Moscow international Photo Awards 2015 Mention of Honour with three photos at Monochrome Photography Awards 2015 Honorable Mention Fine Art: Conceptual Category at the IPOTY International Photographer of the Year 2015 Honorable Mention at Fine Art Photography Awards (Conceptual Category) 2016 Honorable Mention at International Phtography Awards 2016 3rd place and Bronze Star Awards in Special: Open Theme Category at the ND AWARDS 2016 Honorable Mention in Fine Art at the ND AWARDS 2016 Mention of Honour with two photos at Monochrome Photography Awards Exhibitions: Photo exhibition at Simultanea Spazio-Arte, Florence 5-17 July 2012 Art and Public-Contemporary Art, Vernissage July- Palazzo Ducale Martina Franca (TA) "The woman" public photo exhibition December 5-14 2014 ,Monza Palazzo Reale Photo Gallery by Rosita Delfino "Revelations" Bam- Bottega Antonio Manta, Montevarchi(AR) 300ASA 5-26 July 2014 Dondolandoarte -Atelier via Codeferro,11 Martignana Pò (CR) Exposition with one photo at the "Genova Art Expo 2015" Exposition with three photos at the WIA Expo in Owzpap Artystow Plastykow- Warsaw, June 2015 Publications Mention of Honour on the magazine "Il Fotografo"as emerging photographer, review by director Sandro Iovine. Publication of my Portfolio on the magazine n.26 "Adore Noir" Publication on "Image-Mag" magazine- year 4th number 4 On June 2nd 2016 my interview with a portfolio will be edited on Monovision website.