Lingering Shadow, a subseries of Hua-Xi Moment

PhotographerSin-Ho Chin
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTaipei, Taiwan
Photo Date2014/08
Technical InfoNikon D700,24-70mm
Entry Description

Since 2001 the abolition of public prostitute, every brothel was sealed with thick iron sheet to deter vagrants from breaking in. The illegal porn industry survived underground into residential. Struggles and tensions between resident and porn industry are sharp. I tried to capture the transformation of Taipei porn history and produce the images to satire the carelessness of the authorities and renaissance of the porn industry. Lingering Shadow, a sub-series of Hua-Xi Moment, denote the confrontation of new to old porn fashion, by using blur shadow as the returning prostitute spirit, looking for past glory.