The Playground Series

PhotographerFrancisco Diaz + Deb Young
Prize2nd Place in Fine Art / Other_FA
City/CountryMontclair, United States
Photo Date2014 - 2015
Technical Infophotomontages
Entry Description

The Playground Series is an example of The International Collaboration Project. The ICP work has been called cinematic narrative photomontages because each piece tells a story in a cinematic way using montage to create a “world” that does not exist, but feels visually valid. This series was created by Francisco Diaz (USA) and Deb Young (New Zealand). Beneath the surface of “The Playground Series” is an underlying tension cloaked in innocent fun. The series is a visual metaphor for the situation where social relationships reflect a low degree of integration and meaningful interaction producing a high degree of alienation.

About Photographer

As a conceptual artist, I use whatever tools are handy to explore questions about who we are, how we perceive and the ways in which we live. My Cuban/Spanish heritage has always been a portal to religious, psychological and imaginative themes which I’ve always been comfortable blending together to form unique images that both provoke, while at the same time calling to our quieter side. In the late 1980’s to early 1990’s, I showed in many New York City and Washington, DC galleries using a mix of performance, music, painting and photography and then took a hiatus to regroup. During that hiatus, I traveled to Mexico, Paris, London, Canada, Puerto Rico and numerous states, shaking many art world presumptions out of my system. I came out the other end with one eye on the magical realism mode and one on movie framing concepts. Series like: “Behind Closed Doors: The Home”; “People of the Forest” and “The Land of …”, explore a recombinant photographic process where the photographer becomes more a director/cinematographer and less a documentarian. 2009 exhibitions include work at the George Segal gallery, Montclair State University, NJ; the Biggs Museum of American Art in DE; Deborah Martin Gallery in CA and the Center Gallery in KS.