Botanical Ubiety

PhotographerAnne Hoerter
Prize1st Place in Nature / Flowers
City/CountryPullach, Germany
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoNikon D70s, multiple images
Entry Description

This is my series of botanical still-life images. Each plant portrait is made up of multiple images. They can consist to up to 30 - 40 single images in one final photograph. I take the plant apart then photograph each piece under different lighting conditions and focus points. I then put the single images together to re-create the plant. I believe it gives the plant an unique presence.

About Photographer

Graduate of the Ontario College of Art, Toronto Canada. As an artist, I am fascinated by both the continual change of negative and positive space through movement and the process of taking a living organism, fragmenting it, manipulating it, and then re-inventing it into an entirely new entity which resembles the original, but is in fact, entirely contemporary. An image which sways between reality and surrealism. I am ceaselessly driven to analyse the botanical and human form and in turn, to produce images that excite, intrigue, shock and generate new thoughts, to conjure up new sensations. I specialize in the use of multiple photographic imagery.