Rondo Sonata

PhotographerJim Welninski
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAltered Space Photography
City/CountryStreamwood, United States
Photo Date12-14-14
Entry Description

The repeating shapes in this building remind me of the repeating figures and themes in a musical composition. One Museum Park and its companion, The Grant. tower alone over the museum campus in downtown Chicago.

About Photographer

I am a fine art photographer living in the Chicago area. More specifically, I am an artist who happens to use a camera. The creative vision I have for my work is very specific and has been developing for more than 20 years. My photography is about capturing that vision in a photographic print. The camera is merely a tool for expressing that vision. At its core, my work is my attempt to artistically realize my inner life and my quest to make sense of the spiritual and metaphysical forces at work in each of us and in the world at large. For me, the act of making a photograph is a long , deliberate, and meditative process. It's not uncommon for me to visit a location several times over a period of many months in pursuit of getting the right shot. What comes out of the camera is only a starting point. Only then does the crafting of the final work begin. Since it's my vision that I'm chasing, I’m not interested in making an accurate visual representation of my subject. I would use a rolled up newspaper and a magic marker if I thought they would get me where I want to go. The post-production of a piece of work can take several weeks and each step moves me further away from reality and closer to the inner experience I had when I made the original exposure. This is why dark tones are so pervasive in my work and why I work primarily in black and white. I combine long exposure techniques, high dynamic range exposures, and sculpting of light and shadow in post-production to arrive at a print that reflects my vision.