Like Father Like Son

PhotographerJosef Kubicek
Prize2nd Place in People / Family
CompanyJosef Kubicek
City/CountryBrno, Czech Republic
Photo Datetaken 03-2009, published 10-2014
Technical Info6x6 BW film
Entry Description

This work is my interpretation of the proverb “Like father like son”. At first I was looking just for a way to visually imply this statement but realized more points of view. What does it mean to you? Why is it so? Who is responsible for it? The son or the father? Is it imposed or chosen? Often an imposed will breaks the pure character of a child or, in better cases, starts a rebellion against parents. This photograph is my attempt to emphasize on the son's will to be like his father in a way that can't even be imposed, but still leaves the space to be understood, just as another act of rebellion.

About Photographer

Josef Kubicek lives and works in Czech Republic. Holds master degree in industrial design but pursues career of a photographer. While studying at university he begun traveling the world and found passion in documentary photography, and later after graduating focuses mainly on portraits and staged photography. His personal work examines human relationships, he studies them in natural environment through stylized personal approach or he creates these situations. Either way he seeks to “show” more from the inner world of the pictured than the picture itself. His work is an attempt to the viewers to ask themselves questions about these situations and evaluate their perception of the world. During the 2014 he begun to exhibite his works to public.