Waiting Dogs

PhotographerStanisław Majda
Prize1st Place in Special / Pets
City/CountryZabrze, Poland
Photo Date2014
Entry Description

The photographs of the series “Waiting Dogs” were taken in a poor neighborhood of one of the Polish cities and are presenting the dogs with several reasons to wait: from deeper-reaching wait for a better world of the female dog from the first photo, who recently was adopted from an animal shelter; through longing for the companions for life, to the ordinary wait for a walk, which may correlate with the dogs' owners keenness to have dry trousers - [photo number 2].

About Photographer

French palate. Roman nose. Magnified - a bacteria. From a distance - an ant. The changeability of the world. The constancy of changeability. The human intellect. Consciousness. (...) Additionally, I like to create, because thanks to creation I become a better person. :)