Speed street

PhotographerTzu-Hao Kuo (Ray)
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyFree Photographer
City/CountryTainan , Taiwan
About Photographer

(Ray) Tzu-Hao Kuo, Taiwan (Free Photographer, Freelancer, Film) I am a Free Photographer from Taiwan, Tainan. I like to travel and I always take photo shoots during my journey with my camera. Taking still life / static photography is the main focus so far. Sometimes I would like to take street shot and portrait. Photography is an important element in my life. For me, photography is a way to express the feelings from my heart. This amazing world is waiting for us to discover. ================================================== 2015 Daily Dozen of the National Geographic 2015 “Prix de la Photographie Paris” (Px3) Silver (Second Prize) in category Portraiture/Self-Portrait Bronze (Third Prize) in category Advertising/Self-Promotion Honorable Mention x6 2015 “International Photography Awards” (IPA) Honorable Mention x11 2014 “Prix de la Photographie Paris” (Px3) Bronze (Third Prize) in category Advertising/Self-Promotion Bronze (Third Prize) in category Fine Art/Landscape Honorable Mention x6 2014 “International Photography Awards” (IPA) Honorable Mention x3