The Ghetto Tarot

PhotographerAlice Smeets
Prize2nd Place in Fine Art / Other_FA
City/CountryMembach, Belgium
Photo DateDecember 2014
Technical Info5d Mark III
Entry Description

The Ghetto Tarot is a photographic interpretation of the traditional tarot deck in the Haitian slums. The idea is to have people question their assumptions about the Ghetto and to change the negative connotation the word usually implies into a positive one. Our objective is to highlight the creativity and strength of the Ghettonian citizens to dissolve the circle of dependence. The world needs to start looking at their skills and capacities instead of their deficiencies. The Ghetto Tarot is reaching beyond cultural walls of prejudice and ignorance to achieve a transformation of the collective conscience perception of the Ghetto.

About Photographer

Alice. Photographer. Journalist. Filmmaker. Artist. Weddingphotojournalist. Project Manager. Teacher. Traveler. There isn’t just one word to describe what I’m doing. I am a free spirit. I follow my heart and make my dreams and ideas come true. All in the pursuit of opening people’s eyes to what’s really happening in our world and at the same time exposing the beauty so that change can happen. I was lucky to assist one of the greatest photojournalists of the last century, Philip Jones Griffiths, who taught me valuable lessons about photography and life. Since 2007 I have been traveling to and living in Haiti to document the country and its people with my camera and learn about the human race through observation. In 2010 I co-founded a non-profit organization called Viv Timoun with projects in Haiti. Infos at Recently I directed my first documentary “AIDependence” demonstrating the negative influence of the aid industry on the Haitian population using Haiti as an example for the happenings of most developing countries. Infos at