BHA Campaign

PhotographerAaron C Packard
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAaron Packard Photography
City/CountryVermillion SD, United States
Photo DateJuly 7-15 2015
Technical InfoWet Plate Collodion
Entry Description

The idea was to create images showing the untamed origins of the people who started and work for Black Hills Ammunition; for this a self-made portable darkroom had be setup before photographing at any location. This required over 150 pounds gear, including the darkroom setup, chemistry, plates, and the 4x5 view camera equipment, having to be hiked in to some of the locations. Environmental conditions from temperature to humidity to the particulates in the air effect the the process and will influence the texture or artifacts within the images.

About Photographer

Aaron Packard - Commercial/Editorial/Fine Art photographer based in South Dakota. Over the years my photography has taken numerous turns but my subject has remained people and the human condition. Studio based portraits photographed on Large format film, reportage style documentary projects, nude studies, and clean commercial lifestyle imagery. This combines in an amalgamation of new media and classic processes, of image making, and artistic presentation; a search for balance in contemporary technology based image creation and the traditional craft of photography. Think of me as a problem solver; a custom style developer. Life must always be a risk and never a formula to appease the rebel inside.