Orgasm Photographs and Interviews

Photographerlinda troeller
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLinda Troeller
City/CountryNJ, United States
Photo Date2014
Entry Description

These photographs expose humanity and vulnerability as 25 women from different cultures and sexuality from pan to sex workers to lesbians re-staged and explored the joy, pleasure, and memory of the orgasmic experience. The book is creating new legacies to overcome the shame and confusion around sexuality. In a time when rape on campus makes people fearful, it is important that this book change perceptions. Dragonfly, one of the women in the book says, “I want my daughter to be sexually empowered. If she is assertive enough to please herself, then she’ll be more discerning in picking a partner. I feel this is one of the most important roles that orgasm can play in a woman’s life.” The people in the photographs uploaded have chosen the photograph in their hands from the book that meant the most to them.

About Photographer

Award-winning photographer, Linda Troeller has a new book, Living Inside the Chelsea Hotel, to be released by Schiffer Publishing, Pa. November, 2015, on her experiences during some of the lively years through demolition and renovation. She has been published by Aperture with Healing Waters, and powerhouse Books for Spa Journeys. Scalo published Erotic Lives of Women, 1998. Her new book is Orgasm: Photographs and Interviews, Daylight, 2013. She won Women of Achievement, Douglass College for Color Polaroid TB-AIDS Diary, A new film on her career "Inside the Frame: Linda Troeller, by Canadian filmmaker, Jeff McKay, won Honorable Mention in the NJ International Film Festival 2015.