In the shadows of democracy

PhotographerHarriet Dedman
Prize3rd Place in Event / Social Cause
City/CountryChichester, United Kingdom
Photo DateSeptember - October 2014
Technical InfoShot with a Nikon D5100 / D750
Entry Description

On 28/09/14, 800,000 protestors took to the streets of Hong Kong to propagate the ideals of democracy and self-determination, in the face of its gradual engulfment by China. Violence and disbelief collided on 27/09, as the Hong Kong police deployed tear gas and batons in the crowd. Diplomacy and solidarity combined on the 28/09, where – in the face of preceding violence – the city took to the streets to protect its students. The macroeconomic battle lines were drawn. With the legacy of Tiananmen burning bright (2014 also marked its 25th anniversary), the urgency (or futility) of Hong Kong’s cause permeated everything.