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    NIKON D800

In this prject Chen Yu Chiu (ART DIRECTOR)decided to explain one of well psychological theory of Sigmund Freud as this project concept. Id, ego and super-ego is three main parts, which Freud used them to explain the flow and ratio in humans deep mind and subconscinousness. We, individuals, react and reflect different proportion/level of id, ego and super ego in our mental emotion. Those three proper nouns are distinctive but they interact with each other simultaneously. From this starting point, I would like to demonstrate and analyze this three level mental status in my fashion photographs, and display them into series of images: id, id connecting to ego, ego, ego connecting to super ego, super ego and super ego cycle to id. For me, this Freud psychological concept is not theoretical, however, it tend to be more experimental and scientific. It is like that I will be conducting an mental testing with audience through fashion media, trying to collecting different feedback and reaction from different people. And this project, it embrace both rational and perceptual dimensions: it is analyzed from Sigmund Freud psychology theory and touch with human emotional feeling

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