Dubai Marina

PhotographerXavier Decup
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrybristol, United Kingdom
Photo Date15 April 2015
Technical InfoBlack and White
Entry Description

Trying to catch the stillness of this place from a boat which is moving was really challenging. Playing with the shadows and the lights, the depth came out to give the 3D dimension, this multi layers building needs.

About Photographer

I am an beguiner photographer and have been doing this art for one year now. I discovered photography when I was younger but I couldn't at this time express my vision properly. I started to have a certain interest in HDR photo and in photoshop. I have spent hours watching tutorials, interviews of different photographs, techniques, photos critiques and photos. After a few months, I was able to express what I wanted in my photos. I am interested in all sort of photos and I try to learn in every field of this art. It is now an important part of my life as I never had the chance to start any artistic activity before. I consider photography being quite close from the painting activity where you can create whatever you have in your imagination. I am not a professional but I would like to become one. I hope you will enjoy my work. Xavier