Aqueous Humor

PhotographerAlessandro Romeo
Prize2nd Place in Fine Art / Still Life
City/CountryTaormina, Italy
Photo Date2013
Entry Description

Fish eyes are the eyes of the people, the buyers that are reflected on those glassy eyes, apparently inert, but which, in reality, you stare, you observe, they judge. A non-verbal language, full of meaning, similar to human chatter, tones, however, much more expressive. Aqueous Humor born through memories of childhood, the fascination exerted by silver intact skin and eyes apparently conscious that only blue fish in the Mediterranean possesses. It emerges as the idea of another possible world, populated by creatures now crystallized, we visit by foreigners, like Alice through the looking glass, with a fantastic dive that propels us over, between twins curious, shady characters, mermaids singing, and strange creatures watching us puzzled.

About Photographer

Alessandro Romeo was born in 1977, he is a documentary photographer based in Sicily, Italy. Since 2012 he joined the editorial staff of "I Siciliani giovani" as photographer and photo editor. In 2013 wins Young Factory, prize for emerging artists, and exposed for the first time abroad, in Budapest. In 2014, with the project 'Synesthesia of Memory' exhibited at Art Factory 04 in a dedicate stand. He has received international prizes awarded by PX3, IPA, MIFA, and he has been exhibited in festivals and art fairs in Roma, Milano, Catania, Siracusa, Palermo, Budapest. Alessandro collaborates with a gallery based in Catania for artistic personal projects.