PhotographerSonya Pletes
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMelbourne, Australia
Photo Date2014
Technical InfoCollaged Slide/Digital Images
Entry Description

A personal exploration of fantasy, dreams, emotion, psychology and the feminine. The image is a digital collage of multiple layers of analogue film and digital images.

About Photographer

Sonya Pletes is an award winning Australian Photographic Artist and Designer. Her poetic, ethereal, otherworldly imagery is inspired and informed by elements of her background in and her love of Fashion, Design, Opera and Fabric, Fantasy and a quest for Beauty. "I love to dream, I love to explore elements of the feminine, of sensuality, of texture, colour, emotion, and psychology within my work. I love to communicate a story, and a feeling." "I enjoy creating photographic images that are not necessarily immediately recognisable as photographs. I may use photography as my medium, yet I like to work in unorthodox ways, drawing upon my background in fashion and theatre to challenge and manipulate the imagery and our normal perceptions and expectations of what photography is" Sonya creates her personal imagery for exhibition and works commercially with select international clients to conceptually design and create exceptional imagery and also creates for her own designer collections, shown in major galleries and department stores. Based in Melbourne Australia, Sonya has refined a unique style over the last 15 years that has made her a favourite of International Publishing Houses from Sydney, London and Hamburg, to Milan and Stockholm. Notably, her most recent Art Direction, Design and Photography appear on the International Best Selling German Edition - Book Series of 'Twilight' by Stephenie Meyer.