The Forgotten Mountains, rebel-controlled Darfur, Sudan

PhotographerAdriane Ohanesian
Prize1st Place in Special / Panoramic
CompanyFreeland Photographer
City/CountrySarasota, United States
Photo DateFeb-March 2015
Entry Description

In the mountains of Darfur, Sudan women and children hide in caves to escape ground attacks and aerial bombardment by their own government’s forces. President Omar al Bashir continues to wage a war against the rebel groups and civilians of Darfur. As many as three million people have been displaced, and nearly half a million lives have been lost in the conflict. In 2015, according to the UN over 100,000 have fled their homes, due mainly to the violent government offensives. The international community has declared genocide in Darfur as the government’s brutal campaign quietly enters its twelfth year.