Jungle Fever

PhotographerTomek Tomkowiak
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrypoznan, Poland
Photo Date2014
Technical InfoOLYMPUS OMD M1
Entry Description

women from Zanzibar

About Photographer

Tomek Tomkowiak has a degree in philosophy and a penchant for travel but his greatest passion is photography. His photographic journeys lead him most often to Africa. He keeps returning to Zanzibar which has become his second home. Tomkowiak himself states that: ”In principle, it's the image that appeals to a person most. What's unwordable is seemingly nonexistent. And yet, photography, just like the word, is the art of bringing the invisible into light. Bringing into being. The evidence that reality is multipolar. And in this diversity I always seek beauty. The esthetic nature of man. Myself. It's nice for a moment to be The Creator. Nevertheless, one had better leave it unsaid.