South London Bikelife

PhotographerDan Giannopoulos
Prize2nd Place in Sports / Extreme sports
CompanyAletheia Photo Collective
City/CountryBelvedere, United Kingdom
Photo DateMay - June 2015
Entry Description

Bikelife is a burgeoning community of stunt bikers in London, and further afield. Riders, mostly young males, meet up and bond over a shared love of motorbikes, performing dangerous stunts and the sense of community that comes with having a shared passion. Riders are seen as antisocial often having to stay to stay one step ahead of police who invariably try to shut down any meetups and have impounded bikes. The main purpose of riders in this young movement is not in fact to be antisocial or intimidating, but to gain some sense of freedom, escape, exhilaration and brotherhood in a city that doesn't offer many opportunities for pure reckless abandon.

About Photographer

I am a London based travel and documentary photographer. Holding a first class honours degree in Photojournalism from The London College of Communication. At present I work primarily on long term personal projects centered on global health and social issues. I have been shortlisted for the Ian Parry Scholarship award (2009) The Foto8 Summer show and Award (2009 and 2011) I've exhibited work at the Getty Images, LCC and HOST Galleries in London, have shot regular commissions for The Guardian and The Observer in addition to being published by The Sunday Times Magazine, Time, NME, Rocksound, Universal Music, and MSN amongst others.